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Do exchange requests reserve items?Updated 2 days ago

An exchange request does not reserve the item until a new order is successfully processed and a confirmation email has been sent. We cannot guarantee that the item requested in an exchange will not go out of stock between the request time and the designated time frame of the new order being created.

To eliminate the chance of the desired item going out of stock, we encourage making an Instant Exchange Request. An instant exchange creates a new order immediately after the request is made or after an invoice is completed if there is a difference. This is done before the original item is sent back, you have 14 days to send the original item back before your card is charged. 

Standard exchange means that the original item has to be marked delivered to our warehouse before the new order is created. This creates a larger timeline for a new order to be confirmed and the item sent out. We encourage that the original item be sent back immediately to decrease the time from the request made to the item being delivered.

If an exchange cannot be completed, you will automatically receive a store credit gift card for the amount of the original item that was to be applied to the new order.

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